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Professional dog grooming and clipping in an “in home surrounding” salon.

Jacqui McLeay has over 20 years experience in the dog grooming industry - established in 1987.

Now trading as Mount Barker Grooming in Mount Barker, a fully serviced dog grooming salon.

No sedation is ever used. Air-conditioned premises. Large backyard

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Jacqui McLeay welcomes you to Mount Barker Grooming. An 1880’s workman’s cottage  “in home surrounding” air-conditioned, ceiling fanned, open windowed and combustion heating dog grooming salon. This grooming salon also boast a fantastic back yard for you 4 legged friends to have a stretch in. The holding area has a variety of differant size cages catering for the small to the X Large. With a freshly washed towel or 2 for extra comfort, clean water, ceiling fan for extra air circulation your dog will enjoy a stress free and comfortable grooming experience. Yes Mount Barker Grooming uses cages, they like each dog to be protected from other dogs, have their own “den” without the risk of being attacked, tethered by the neck or chest or lying in dirty dog hair or cushions on the floor. Clients dogs can then relax, roll over, lay on their backs and have a comfortable “snooze” without being restricted. Cages are also used for hygiene reasons and flea and urine control. Owners will be notified if their dog is having separation anxiety and will be asked to pick them up earlier than arranged. Dogs who are stressed will not be able to stay all day. Occasionally dogs are able to roam, each dog is treated differantly as each dog has their own personality, likes and dislikes. Mount Barker Grooming does not agree with a “straight through” service. Each dog has a little “R&R” between the stages of the grooming process. Counting little naps and longer snoozes, most dogs sleep about fourteen hours a day and this is why Jacqui has decided to use this method. Only the best products are used, no short cuts taken. Every dog is differant and with Jacquis experience, she will know which products can be used on your beloved family companion. From organic soap free shampoos, oatmeal shampoos, whitening shampoos to the vets prescribed Malesab shampoo, Jacqui has it all in her salon. All products used and sold at Mount Barker Grooming have been road tested first by Jacquis own dogs and if it is no good, it won’t be used or sold. So bring in your family companion for that pampered groom. Let them have a bath with the dolphins or fish, enjoy liver treats through out the day, a romp in a safe back yard, music playing in their holding area and come home with a bandanna or bow and a spritz of wonderful smelling cologne. What have you got to lose?, if you do not like Mount Barker Grooming you can always go back to your old grooming salon, but they do believe you will stay!
All grooms will include •	hydro bath and proper hand washing •	anal glands expressed from the outside  •	selected shampoo to suit your dogs skin •	flea rinse if needed •	conditioner •	fluff and cage drying •	toe nails cut  •	under foot pads clipped •	hygiene areas clipped (including under tummy area) •	ears plucked if not infected •	inside ears cleaned  •	professional grooming, cutting and styling depending on type of coat •	bandanna or bow •	liver treats •	spritz of lovely scented cologne NO SHORT CUTS ARE TAKEN seal of approval by contented client
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TRADING HOURS Monday: 9am to 5pm Tuesday: 8am to 5pm Wednesday: 8am to 5pm Thursday:8am to 5pm Friday: 8am to 5pm Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: CLOSED